What Garage projects do you have available for the Windows platform?

Thank you for your interest in Garage projects on the Windows platform. 

Please visit the Workbench on http://garage.microsoft.com and try out the many apps built for Windows.

  • AutoTag N Search
  • Citizen Next (India only)
  • DevSpace
  • InstaNote
  • Join Conference
  • Lost Turtle
  • Mouse Without Borders
  • Sound Stack
  • Snip
  • SquadWatch
  • Student Planner
  • Work Item Studio
  • Your Weather (China only)
  • Photo Story
  • Receipt Tracker
  • Floatz
  • Home Team
  • Reach Me

We also have 2 Office Add-ins:

  • FindTime
  • Social Share

And a Visual Studio Add-in:

  • Developer Assistant
The Microsoft Garage is an outlet for teams across the company to experiment with early ideas and learn from your interest.
Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

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