What keyboard usage information is Microsoft collecting and why?

When you select “Full Access”, we collect keyboard information that will help Microsoft improve Word Flow.

What we collect:

• Characters you’ve typed, words you’ve swiped, suggestions you’ve selected, and auto-corrections you’ve undone
• Search terms you submitted using the built-in search functionality of the keyboard, actions you took on the search results, and the last 10 words you typed before performing a search. Learn more about search.
• Instances in which a suggested search icon is shown in the space above the keyboard, actions you took on that suggestion, and the last 10 words you typed before the search icon was shown.
• Other keyboard usage information that can help us identify crashes and debug.

How we protect your privacy:
• We take strict measures designed to prevent the collection of passwords, email addresses and numeric sequences, such as phone numbers, numbers in addresses, and credit card numbers.
• Majority of your keyboard typing data are securely sent and aggregated with information from many other users who typed the same thing, and transformed into counts of character and word sequences.
• In cases where you perform a search or the keyboard shows you a suggestion, the data is sent securely with a unique user ID. It’s not tied to any of your personal information, however it persists while you use the keyboard. If you want to disassociate your searches from that user ID, you could uninstall and re-install the keyboard.

• To disable collection of your keystrokes (excluding searches you type into the search field), simply go to the Word Flow app --> Settings Menu --> Keyboard Settings, and Disable the "Improve predictions by sending Microsoft my keyboard usage" option.
• There is no way to disable collection of search keywords that you type into the built-in search features of Word Flow.

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