Word Flow keyboard isn't showing up in some fields

You might see your keyboard 'resetting' to the native keyboard or disappearing in some situations, for instance:
  • Creating a new iMessage
  • Entering password/credit card information (to ensure your privacy and the protection of your personal information)
  • Logging into public Wi-Fi network that require a password
  • Spotlight search

You can mitigate this problem by doing a combination of things: 1) force shutting the app you are currently in; 2) re-enabling Word Flow keyboard in another app, and 3) re-launching the app you shut down, at which point Word Flow should start showing up.

To improve the stability of Word Flow as your default keyboard, you can bring Word Flow to the top of the list in your list of keyboards:
1.Enter Settings->General->Keyboard
2.Tap on 'Edit'
3.Drag Word Flow to the top of the list
4.Restart your phone

If the issue continues, try to remove Word Flow from the list of keyboards, add it back, and bring it to the top of the list again.

These situations are known to affect many 3rd party keyboards, and we thank you for your patience as we investigate ways to fix these problems.

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