How do I discover GIF search results?

In the latest version of Word Flow, you can discover GIFs without leaving your conversations! There are several ways to do this:
1. Swipe left across the top of the keyboard (where word suggestions show up). The keyboard will switch from the regular layout to a search view. In the search view, you can find GIF results for popular search terms, or type your own search to find GIF search results.
2. As you type, Word Flow will sometimes suggest GIF search results similar to how it suggests emojis based on what you type. Whenever you see a "GIF!" icon show up above keyboard, you can tap it or swipe left to see GIF search results for a search term that matches what you typed.

If you find a GIF you like and determine you can use it 9see note below), tap on it to copy. Next, you'll need to tap on the place where you want to insert it, and then hit the "Paste" button from the black iOS dialogue that pops up. Unfortunately, iOS does not let users to automatically paste content into your apps from 3rd-party keyboards.

Note: You are responsible for respecting others' rights, including copyright. Learn more here. Bing doesn't verify or represent that a specific license is associated with any specific content or that you can use the content under that license. If you find a GIF that you’d like to share, you’ll need to make sure that’s allowed. For GIFs marked as licensed, you can go to the originating website by clicking on the link at the bottom of the GIF to determine the actual license for the GIF. Next, go to the Creative Commons website and make sure you read and understand the license and its provisions, restrictions, and attribution requirements. After you complete this research you should know how and when you can use the GIF.

Note: Some apps such as WhatsApp do not support GIFs, which means that only one frame of the GIF is going to be pasted.

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